fredag 27. mars 2009

My new blog:) Oh glory day!

So, I`ve opened my new blog today:) Jippi! I woke up this morning and felt so inspired. I guess the baby in my belly felt the same way cause she was kicking away as crazy! So I decided to open a blog, to keep track of my projects and inspirational sources. I mainly knit and sew. These days I have a major knitting kick, and try to finish four projects at the same time. Shame on me..

Inspirational source today: The amazing book: The opinionated knitter, by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I bought it from, and they were amazingly quick to deliver (although I live in Norway)

The second thing that inspired me today is the Vogue Knitting bookstore. It has lots of great knitting pattern, available for cheap download. I have never tried to download a pattern before, but I am grateful for this opportunity since I live such a long way away from, hmm, from everything:) Check out this link: I just love the designs!

Since this is my first entry, I guess I`ll just paste all the pictures of old projects. Feel free to comment etc. But please do not use the photos without asking me:) Here are some of the baby clothes I`ve made:

So these are some of my "baby projects". If you wanna see more knitting projects, you can find me at Ravelry as lisalisen.

Enjoy, and please feel free to make a comment:)

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